Frech's Frickin' Rub 11 oz.

Frech's Frickin' Rub 11 oz.

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Frech's Frickin' Rub and All Purpose Seasoning will enhance virtually any food! Whether, beef or pork ribs, chops or steaks, roast or venison, this incredible spice blend is great for the kitchen or grill.

Vegan or Vegetarian? Use Frech's Frickin' All Purpose Seasoning to elevate your tasting experience! Great in a stir fry, on asparagus, baked potato, mushrooms, broccoli, and turnip and mustard green just to name a few.

Love seafood? This All Purpose Seasoning will definitely 'Catch your Taste Buds' on your favorite baked or fried fish, just add it to the fish batter or sprinkle it on before you bake or grill it! Catfish, crappie, or salmon your taste buds will swim in delight!

Fantastic at breakfast! Frech's All Purpose Seasoning creates a whole new flavor on eggs and omelets! Just add a little from the shaker and enjoy your gourmet breakfast!

Frech's Frickin Rub is a given for seasoning at your next BBQ on the grill or smoker as well. Season your favorite steaks, ground beef, salmon, vegetables for an amazing outdoor cuisine.